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Located in the Wilmersdorfer Straße, in the heart of the Wilma (formerly Wilmersdorfer Arkaden), Corpus Dicio combines strength, flexibility and health for an all-round sense of well-being.

Driven by our passion for sports, we support individual development and build a family and unifying community through joint exercise.

Our focus is on meaningful training that is health-oriented and reduced to the essentials. Whether functional training, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Stretch & Mobility or Pilates, you will find classes for every need.

Friendliness and respect are very important to us, especially in children’s martial arts.

The team of Corpus Dicio consists of experienced trainers under the leadership of founder Daniel Bohn and gym manager Zenia Madsen. Excellent education and years of experience characterize our staff.

Discover Corpus Dicio and experience a new level of fitness and well-being!

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Functional Training: The foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life

Functional Training at Corpus Dicio is the unifying basis for all offered disciplines: Martial Arts, Stretch & Mobility and Pilates. But it can also be trained independently to create a healthy basis for a fulfilled life.

The training focuses on the own body and uses functional movement chains that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Equipment such as kettlebells, slings, ViPR, fascial rolls and balls, ropes, rings and sandbags are used specifically.

The body is viewed as a whole, with core stability playing an important role.

Condition training is always included in a properly conducted functional training in the form of circuit training.

Functional training at Corpus Dicio offers:

Improved strength, endurance and flexibility
Increased body awareness and coordination
Reduction of the risk of injury
Strengthening of the immune system
Improved mental well-being

Whether you practice martial arts, Pilates, or just want to stay fit and healthy, functional training is the perfect foundation for a fulfilling life.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai

Martial arts at Corpus Dicio: More than just training

Martial arts is much more than just a sport. It offers the possibility to grow over oneself, to build up self-confidence and to develop mental strength.

Ideal as a balance to your job, martial arts strengthens the body in many ways. At Corpus Dicio, respect, fairness and fun are in the foreground.

All trainings follow a clear structure:

Technique instruction
Partner exercises
Roles or sparring

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the focus is on teamwork and the strengthening of cohesion.

In addition to the athletic and health benefits, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, like Muay Thai, offers effective techniques for self-defense.

Our classes are mixed age and gender. In each group we go individually on all performance levels. No one will be overchallenged, but no one will be underchallenged.

Self-confidence through self-experience and practical emergency techniques – this is what our courses are all about.

Discover the benefits of martial arts at Corpus Dicio:

Strengthening of body and mind
Self-confidence and mental strength
Effective self-defense
Fun and camaraderie in a group
Respect and fairness


Stretch & Mobility and Pilates: More than just balance

Stretch & Mobility and Pilates offer the perfect complement to all high-impact sports. But even on their own, they can provide a tremendous boost to your health.

Brain Training, Deceleration and Prevention

Brain training: Both disciplines improve concentration and body awareness.
Deceleration: They create a space to switch off from everyday life and reduce stress.
Prevention: Prevent posture problems and the effects of modern lifestyles.

Classroom for additional relaxation

Peace and relaxation: In our separate yoga room, you can find the peace you need.
Individual use: The room can also be used individually outside of classes.

Training for the whole family

Combinable classes: The class times allow parents to participate in Stretch & Mobility or Pilates while their children are in martial arts.

Discover the benefits of Stretch & Mobility and Pilates at Corpus Dicio:

Improved mobility and flexibility
Increased body awareness and coordination
Reduction of the risk of injury
Strengthening of the core muscles
Stress reduction and relaxation


Martial arts for kids: Yes, it is!

Many parents question whether martial arts is the right sport for their child. But the doubts are unfounded: Martial arts offers many benefits for children.

Builds team spirit and fair play

Training together: Children learn to work as a team and to treat each other fairly.
Respect and discipline: Martial arts promotes respect and discipline.

Self-confidence and self-confidence

Body awareness and strength: Children get to know their bodies better and develop a healthy confidence in their abilities.
Self-defense: The techniques learned can be used for self-defense in an emergency.

Experienced instructors and a motivating atmosphere

Child-friendly training: Our experienced instructors make the training child-friendly and motivating.
Fun and enjoyment: Fun and enjoyment are our top priorities.

Age-appropriate groups and flexible class times

Different age groups: Groups are designed for children ages 5 to 7, 8 to 13, and 14 to 17.
Afternoon training: Training takes place in the afternoon.
Flexible schedule for parents: Class times allow parents to work out, grab a coffee or shop at the center.

Limited equipment

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniform: A conventional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uniform is already available for a few euros.

Discover the benefits of martial arts for your child at Corpus Dicio:

Strengthening of team spirit and fairness
Self-confidence and self-confidence
Experienced trainers and a motivating atmosphere
Age-appropriate groups
Minimal equipment


Classes & Seminars

Book your classes quickly, easily and conveniently with the app. In addition to the classes, you will also find your personal training plan and you can meet up with others to train – even outside of the classes. You can download the app here ((LINK APPLE)) ((LINK GOOGLE)) .


Directions, conditions & registration

Corpus Dicio is located at Wilmersdorfer Straße 46 in Berlin 10627 in the shopping center “Wilma” – with its own parking garage. But also the journey with the public transport is easy and comfortable. Within walking distance are

– the underground station Bismarckstraße

– the underground station Wilmersdorfer Straße

– the S-Bahn station Charlottenburg

There are also several bus lines in Kantstraße and Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße.


Request a trial appointment

… simply send an email to: or use the contact form in the menu. Important: Please bring your passport with you for the trial session.

For the trial session we charge 25,00€.

This will be deducted from the registration fee.

The price levels

for adults

12 months membership | 109,00 Euro per month | 49,00 Euro initiation fee (one-time)

Pupils, Students

12 months membership | 89,00 Euro per month | 49,00 Euro one-time membership fee

Children 8 to 14 years | one-time trial possible

12 months membership | 69,00 Euro per month | 49,00 Euro one-time membership fee

69,00 Euro for the trial month

Children 5 to 7 years | one-time trial possible

12 Month Membership | 69,00 Euro per month | 49,00 Euro one-time initiation fee

69,00 Euro for the trial month